Howdy! Witsey is a place for parents and families to discover their communities through local discussion, Q&A and informative articles.

Come join us!

Who runs Witsey?

Witsey is created and maintained by two parents from the East Bay. We are married to each other and have a young daughter.

Why did you make Witsey?

Building communities is our passion. We wanted to create a local repository for family-friendly recommendations and knowledge.

What does Witsey mean?

It’s a made-up word derived from “Who’s In Town?” Short domains are hard to come by!

How do I invite friends to join Witsey?

There is a link on our landing page to join our interest list. As soon as we open up to more users, we will send them instructions on how to sign up.

How do I report an inappropriate post?

We will soon allow flagging for inappropriate and miscategorized posts but in the meantime, you can send an email to support@witsey.com and we will work with you to take care of it.

How do I report if I get an error or find a bug in the site?

Please let us know by sending an email to support@witsey.com and provide us with as much detail as you can. Screenshots are extremely helpful. We are working hard to make this site awesome and your assistance in reporting errors is greatly appreciated.

Do you have a search function?

Search is coming soon!

Why can’t I edit or delete my discussion post?

This capability is on its way. Meanwhile, if there is something you need to delete urgently, please contact support@witsey.com.

How do I add a category to my post? It’s showing up in General Discusssion or in no category at all.

Currently, all posts are manually categorized by Witsey. We will be enabling user categorization of posts shortly.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet but we are working on it. Stay tuned!